Our Services

Promotions Idea Development:

  • Innovative Ideas that Complement existing Brand Strategy
  • Advanced Planning of Logistics
  • Ensuring Consistency with Brand Philosophy
  • Maximising Impact with Minimal Cost
  • Developing Creatives for New Concepts
  • Working within Budget and Strict Timelines

Online Catalogue Management:

  • Development and Management of Online Catalogue
  • Program Redemption Management
  • Online ordering and fulfillment
  • eCommerce Fulfilment and Drop Shipping
  • Real Time Payment Solution and Credit Management System
  • Real Time Updating of Catalogue
  • Accounts with Multiple User Access and Customized Interfaces


  • Warehousing Facility across Multiple Locations
  • Storage Facility for Long Term Campaigns
  • Redemption and Coupon Collection Capability
  • National Distribution Capabilities
  • Packing and Repacking Facility
  • Labelling and attaching Promotion Items to Magazine Subscriptions


  • National and International Delivery Management
  • Distribution via Road and air.
  • Palletizing and Non-Palletizing for ease of Distribution across various Delivery Methods
  • Assembly and Disassembly of Larger Pallets for Redistribution

Product Sourcing:

  • Using Local Suppliers
  • On the Ground Sourcing Staff in USA
  • Rigorous Sourcing Capabilities to find the Best Quality and Lowest Prices